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Birthdate:Apr 19
Location:United States of America
Fanfiction hack writing in various fandoms: LOTR RPS & AU, RPS RPGs, Bleach (manga), Naruto (manga), Prince of Tennis (anime), and xxxHolic (manga), among others. Please note that this journal contains material that may not be suitable for someone under the age of 18. See additional disclaimer below.

Fics: All fics will continue to be publicly posted, regardless of rating. All fics on this DW contain male/male pairings and relationships. All fic on this livejournal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Basically that means you are welcome to quote, save, print, remix, copy, share, edit, add to, be inspired by, or even write your own endings - and no, you don't have to ask for my permission. Attribution would be lovely, but is not required.

Icons: All icons on this LJ (not credited to someone) are made by me. All of my icons are public domain. If you covet an icon made by someone else, please credit them. [Icon credits (brushes, gradients, backgrounds, etc.)]

deleerium on LJ
Primary fanfic site on LiveJournal.
deleerium_fic on DW
Complete backup of the deleerium LJ account (primary fanfic site on LiveJournal).
deleerium on DW
This is my (primary) RPG player journal. I play Orlando Bloom, Joe Manganiello, Hunter Hayes, Misha Collins, and Scarlett Johansson in the Citadel RPG and Orlando Bloom in the Establishment RPG
deleerium on JF
Deleerium on Journalfen. This is my (archived) RPG player journal. Both the Citadel RPG and the Establishment RPG have migrated to Dreamwidth (see above).
deleerium on AO3
Deleerium on Archive of Our Own. Online archive of all my past and new fic (in progress).
deleerium_me on LJ
My version of a personal journal (also on LiveJournal) - where I'm thinky and stuff. Not often updated.
deleerium on
Testbed/sandbox for new fic/fandoms. All fic will (eventually) be posted to the AO3 and LiveJournal account.
gut_it_real on LJ
Fanfic of Fanfic journal. Home of my red-headed stepchild fanfic Glitter.
deleerium on tumblr
Tumblr account. Fandoms include: bleach, naruto, gintama, free!, shingeki no kyojin, SUPERNATURAL WTH?, prince of tennis, one piece and anything else I stumble on. 99% of my posts are yaoi, bl and/or slash.
deleerium on IJ
InsaneJournal mirror. Not much posted here.

None of the events portrayed on [personal profile] deleerium_fic (hereafter referred to as "this dreamwidth site") or the content here within are true. None of the events described on this dreamwidth site actually took place. None of the people in the works of fiction posted to the dreamwidth site actually said or did any of these things. By accessing this dreamwidth site, you agree not to threaten, harass, take legal action against, coerce, make demands or requests of, or force signatures or other legal contracts with the operator of this dreamwidth site no matter what the reason, even if you feel you have legal right. You agree not to hold the operator of this dreamwidth site liable for anything you find on this site. The operator of this dreamwidth site does not knowingly intend or attempt to offend or violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of any entity. To the best of the operators' knowledge, all content, images, videos, sounds, photos, etc., if any, are being used in compliance with Fair Use Copyright Law 107. The operator does not claim any affiliation or connection with the celebrities or any other entity referenced on this dreamwidth site. This is a fan-operated site and the operators are not compensated for any portion of this dreamwidth site in any way. This dreamwidth site may contain material inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18. These terms are in effect throughout the entire dreamwidth site known as [personal profile] deleerium_fic and includes all content.

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