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Just did a massive housekeeping unfriend / refriend to clean up some moved/ name-changed/ deleted/ ABANDON ME WHY DON'T YOU *SOB* journals on my flist - if I missed re-adding anyone in the chaos, give me a holler.


Apr. 30th, 2005 11:31 pm
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Just did a complete friends delete / refresh and general community membership housecleaning. Holler if I accidentally missed refriending anyone in the chaos *pokes admin console*
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Icon bases:
[ profile] neke (misc rain bases)
[ profile] xnickstax (gale harold)

Screen caps:
[ profile] rumination [marie antoinette]
[ profile] dallowayward [grant / hepburn - bringing up baby]
[ profile] i_gots [Howl's Moving Castle]

Photo credits:
[ profile] elflady_2001
[ profile] jillybinks (nearly nekkid Brian photos)
[ profile] orlando_daily
[ profile] foto_decadent
[ profile] serein_03
[ profile] thephotobox (LOTS of screencaps - film & tv)
Nazgul 88(?)

Brushes (GIMP)
[ profile] suicide_lollies (borders, white outs)
Jeffish (tech border brushes)

Brushes (Photoshop CS), bases, textures, light textures and/or gradients credits:
[ profile] 10000_pixels (simple border brushes)
[ profile] aconite
[ profile] angelfish_icons (pirates and keys)
[ profile] arisubox (word bubble brushes)
[ profile] ashke_icons
[ profile] bibamus_icons (circular brushes)
[ profile] bonesbaby33
[ profile] booster_rocket
[ profile] braggadocio_org (a.k.a. Hardie)
[ profile] brokenicon (polaroid brushes) (star / flare brushes)
[ profile] caugraphics
[ profile] cdg_brushes
[ profile] contradictz
[ profile] crumblingwalls
[ profile] crushedviolet
[ profile] cyberelf (grungy border brushes)
[ profile] __darkdreaming
[ profile] dark_soul_lost
[ profile] disappearicons
[ profile] angel_elf_icons (bases)
[ profile] faded_icons
[ profile] faytrial
[ profile] floorshow
[ profile] fraoch_icons (geometric border brushes)
22 Cloud Brushes (by ~grenouille-enchantee on
[ profile] haudvafra (Polaroid brushes - new)
[ profile] iconomatopoeia ([ profile] cdg textured bases)
[ profile] inishmore
[ profile] isabellecs
[ profile] jadedicons (angsty tiny text, random tiny text)
[ profile] katcal062301 (cool cheesy love brushes)
[ profile] leggyslove
[ profile] lovely_sweety
[ profile] magicalicons

[ profile] meleada (blur edge boxes/brushes, sepia gradients)
[ profile] miggy
[ profile] mi_nion (colored block / circle layers)
[ profile] mutsie_brushes (large 512 x 512 brushes for journal headers)
[ profile] noctuidae (transparent gradients)
[ profile] ohpaintbrush
[ profile] pixielore
[ profile] quebelly
[ profile] quiettype (book bases)
[ profile] rhapsody_icons
[ profile] saltsweetbitter
[ profile] siannastar (cosmic light textures)
Silk Assassin Cloud Brushes (on
[ profile] spiffy_themes
[ profile] teh_indy
[ profile] tiger_tutorials Heliotex Cloud Textures, Green Linen Textures (also Martini Tiger Bianco on
[ profile] trytragedy
[ profile] tsukicon
[ profile] unmasked_icons
[ profile] vblackangelv (sky bases)
[ profile] weapon_icons (heart brushes, light textures, curved border brushes)
[ profile] wherethewind__
[ profile] xjigglypuffx (retro dot brushes)
[ profile] yorokobi_
[ profile] yuko (polaroid brushes)

Additional icon resources:
[ profile] 100x100_brushes
[ profile] brushaddicts
[ profile] gradiental

Icon tutorials:
[ profile] icontutorials
[ profile] icon_tutorial
some of my fav's are bookmarked in my memories

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