Bad Elijah,

Feb. 5th, 2008 05:50 pm
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you just made my panties Orlando spontaneously combust )

first pic totally stolen from [ profile] westmoon
exploding panties stolen from [ profile] talesinbloom

ETA: see under cut

ETA 2: YES!!!! [ profile] lijahlover wrote FIC! (Dom/Lij - "Elijah's Tshirt") *glee*
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"You know, I really can understand why people love to write him. He gives you everything you need, short of dialogue, and who needs talking when he's this perfect silent?"* )


More fantastic black and white LOTR love here. Don't forget to tell [ profile] kiltsandlollies* how effin fabulous it is.
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glorious black and white photo selections of the LOTR crew with inspired commentary over here

reminds me why I fell for this fandom in the first place
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Thing 1
Headed back to DC again for a week. I like traveling for work - turns out I do quite a bit of writing on airplanes and in hotels along with watching really bad porn. :D

Thing 2
*shameless self-squee* I won 2nd place over at [ profile] lotr_blends for, yes, you guessed it - a blend! This one, in fact :D ) and here's the prettyful prize banner. ) [the challenge, the other awesome winners] Feel free to use it wherever - credit appreciated, but not necessary. For those of you who like a more serious tone :P here’s one with alternate text. )

Thing 3
You know that 10 things meme going around? Well, here are some things I love about ALL of you.

1. Even when you’re bored out of your minds, you’re hillarious. (I’ve snorted more liquids out my nose when reading my flist than any other place in my life.)
2. No matter how dark a day some of you seem to have, the next day is better, the silver linings always found.
3. You capture absolute joy in the smallest pleasures.
4. You face and overcome challenges I can’t even imagine.
5. You express sorrow in ways that break me - and because of it, my life is better.
6. Your talents astoud me, eliciting the best kind of envy: pride.
7. You love - and hate - with passion.
8. The sharing! You share /everything/ - emotions, files, stories, loves, music, rants, art, words until I’m overwhelmed with how much is being given, with no great things expected in return.
9. Your laughter is contageous.
10. I learn something from you all, every day.
11. (because mine goes to eleven) You are the reason I click-refresh :)web tracker
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For my Tales - because I loves you, pretty *beams*

eeeeeee - watch the glasses!!111
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Football Orli by my new hero, [ profile] aranel80
yaysoos fuckin' guh...*essplodes again*

“Just the shirt. Please?”

“I’m not taking off my fucking shirt, dude.”

Elijah peers over the top of the camera. And waits )
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Icon bases:
[ profile] neke (misc rain bases)
[ profile] xnickstax (gale harold)

Screen caps:
[ profile] rumination [marie antoinette]
[ profile] dallowayward [grant / hepburn - bringing up baby]
[ profile] i_gots [Howl's Moving Castle]

Photo credits:
[ profile] elflady_2001
[ profile] jillybinks (nearly nekkid Brian photos)
[ profile] orlando_daily
[ profile] foto_decadent
[ profile] serein_03
[ profile] thephotobox (LOTS of screencaps - film & tv)
Nazgul 88(?)

Brushes (GIMP)
[ profile] suicide_lollies (borders, white outs)
Jeffish (tech border brushes)

Brushes (Photoshop CS), bases, textures, light textures and/or gradients credits:
[ profile] 10000_pixels (simple border brushes)
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Additional icon resources:
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Icon tutorials:
[ profile] icontutorials
[ profile] icon_tutorial
some of my fav's are bookmarked in my memories

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You people are freakin' INCREDIBLE with the artistic talent and luv for the boys. *HUGS YOU ALL* [ profile] myheadgames made the most wonderful graphic (and totally amazing rec) based on the Football series, as well as some beautimous icons. There is also a lovely icon from [ profile] cam_a.

[ profile] myheadgames: Football Graphic Here
[ profile] myheadgames: Football Icons Here
[ profile] cam_a: Another Football Icon Here

Please feel free to take, use, post, share any and all of the above images. Credit to the creators would be lovely (in the form of a comment or keyword, etc).


Some of the comments about Orlando in a cowboy hat got me to thinkin' I've never seen a pic of Orlando in a cowboy hat.

However, thanks to the power of photo-manipulation there's absolutely no reason why we couldn't all enjoy Orlando in a cowboy hat. Your challenge (yes, I'm talking to *all* of ya'll with any paint/photo/art/whatever out there) is to create an Orli-in-a-cowboy-hat-from-Football Icon. There will be prizes for ALL entries ;D

Just a quick set of easy guidelines:
1) I believe absolutely in the concept of public domain - so please do not submit an icon if you don't want the rest of the world using it too
2) anything goes, as long as it's orli and a cowboy hat
3) you have 72 hours
4) on your mark, get set, go...