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Go get your learn on, ladies. [[ profile] makesmewannadie's Poll on Orgasm and Masturbation]

Warning: I filled the poll out, so there's some serious TMI in the comments. You were warned. *veg*
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*adores flist for ideas*

ETA: Ok, this is fun as all hell - I'm extending the deadline for questions for another 24 hours. Get 'em to me by midnight on Friday, ok? And I'll get to them as I can. *giggles*

In an attempt to wake the muses up, I'm asking for your help. I've put the football boys up on the bleachers, in the spotlight to answer any questions you might have about them, their lives, or anything they might not have revealed in the chapters so far. So, you ask the questions, and they'll provide the answers - all I ask is that you don't ask about future storyline, 'cause I ain't tellin' :P *g*

FB!Orlando: Hi, I'm Orlando

FB!Elijah: And I'm Elijah and we're going to spend the next...what?...

FB!Orlando: Twenty four Forty-eight hours, dude.

FB!Elijah: Yeah, twenty four forty-eight hours.

FB!Orlando: Answering your questions.

FB!Elijah: *nudges Orlando* About what?

FB!Orlando: *shrugs* Anything.

FB!Elijah: *squeaks* Anything?

FB!Orlando: *flushes* Within reason.

FB!Elijah: *swallows audibly* Okay.