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Orlando and Elijah met on a dark street corner in uptown New York after both attending a friend's art gallery opening. Immediately attracted to one another in their stylish New York getups, they raced to the nearest bar and had one more drink (for courage) then off to a Motel 6 and fucked like bunnies. After a few months of ex-boyfriend logistics and trying to keep their hands off one another, they agreed that they'd better go ahead and plan on spending the rest of their lives together. So they got a loft in Soho (2 bedroom, one bath - great view of the city) and lived happily ever after.

The End.

Okay, now it's your turn. You have 5 minutes to write whatever the hell COMPLETE Orlijah pops into your head. I blame this squarely on [ profile] talesinbloom and the fact that it's [ profile] orlijah_month.
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Title: Rain
Author: [ profile] deleerium
Type: LOTR RPS (100 words)
Pairing: Orlando / Elijah
Rating: G
Prompt: Orlijah Month 2008 Prompt 2 - drabbles

Rain )
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Title: New Years
Pairing: Orlando / Elijah
Rating: PG 13 (462 words)
Prompt: Orlijah Month Prompt 1 - waking up hungover in a strange bed on New Year's Day

New Years )