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For those of you who haven't yet ventured over to the Establishment (an RPG over on Journalfen), here's a two-part, gorgeous co-written Dom/Elijah/Orlando that's NC-17, but vanilla enough for any palette:

Part 1: Orlando arrives in Hawaii, the boys hang out.

Part 2: They all go to the beach.

Establishment Dom is written by the fabulous [ profile] almostnever, Establishment Elijah written by the lovely [ profile] anatsuno and Etablishment Orlando written by -- you guessed it, moi :)

Warnings for NC-17 threesome on the beach. Background: Orlando has gone to visit Lij and Dom in Hawaii. There's a bit about the boy's Establishment backstory, but you don't need to know it to read this.

Massive *snogs* to my fabulous co-writers, [ profile] almostnever and [ profile] anatsuno. Ladies, the pleasure was all mine. *snuggles*

**Delicious Dorlijah icon courtesy of [ profile] coripixie *licks*
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Because I'm such a freakin' fruitcake right now - here's a sneak-peek at the last chappie of Football.
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And have I said lately how much I freakin' ADORE the most incredible f-list on the planet? AND I have the best lurkers and anon's evar - EVAR, I tell you. I luv you guys. Hell, I love everybody. *beams*