Bad Elijah,

Feb. 5th, 2008 05:50 pm
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you just made my panties Orlando spontaneously combust )

first pic totally stolen from [ profile] westmoon
exploding panties stolen from [ profile] talesinbloom

ETA: see under cut

ETA 2: YES!!!! [ profile] lijahlover wrote FIC! (Dom/Lij - "Elijah's Tshirt") *glee*


Sep. 3rd, 2007 10:16 pm
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THIS DAY WINS! I just saw Orlando's new hair goo commercial live on Japanese TV )
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I'm off to Japan for 3 weeks for work. What are the odds that Orlando will bop over while I'm there to promote his/the new add campaign for the Uno hair product line?

GOOD, I SAY!! DEFINITELY GOOD! and don't tell me he's stuck doing the play la la la la la not listening...

*packs squee camera*
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While browsing geek-like things, I ran across
this article wherein the author refers to Elijah as that "delightful cerulean-eyed hobbit"


p.s. and yes, Orlando's are dreamy chocolaty caramel orbs OF LUV for Elijah, so there :P
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Birthday Manna

You guys. Wow. *squishes all of you*

This birthday has been way past spectacular:

[ profile] pattybear made me the most awesome birthday orlijah banner.
[ profile] mercyisme made a gorgeous Brilando banner and icons.
[ profile] arabia764 wrote the most GUH morning orlijah moment
[ profile] layne67 posted a beautiful orlando pic
[ profile] aranel90 made a stunning Knight Banner (*omg squee*)
[ profile] theartoffic created a very clever and HAWT Orlijah picture-story
[ profile] causette created a superb, pink, verreh gay ;) Orlijah banner :D
[ profile] wynterhawk wrote Orlijah Birthday Fic!!!
And mah plut, [ profile] talesinbloom, made me omg awesome sheep icons! ), which I adore *g*

Go forth and admire!

*kisses* to [ profile] txdville, [ profile] geniusartist, [ profile] kerryfromcali, [ profile] splits_thesky, [ profile] rawiyaparand, [ profile] normalone, [ profile] saturn92103, [ profile] alchemilla and anyone else I missed in the chaos who sent out birthday love!

THANK YOU for a wonderful day :) <3
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Thing 1
Headed back to DC again for a week. I like traveling for work - turns out I do quite a bit of writing on airplanes and in hotels along with watching really bad porn. :D

Thing 2
*shameless self-squee* I won 2nd place over at [ profile] lotr_blends for, yes, you guessed it - a blend! This one, in fact :D ) and here's the prettyful prize banner. ) [the challenge, the other awesome winners] Feel free to use it wherever - credit appreciated, but not necessary. For those of you who like a more serious tone :P here’s one with alternate text. )

Thing 3
You know that 10 things meme going around? Well, here are some things I love about ALL of you.

1. Even when you’re bored out of your minds, you’re hillarious. (I’ve snorted more liquids out my nose when reading my flist than any other place in my life.)
2. No matter how dark a day some of you seem to have, the next day is better, the silver linings always found.
3. You capture absolute joy in the smallest pleasures.
4. You face and overcome challenges I can’t even imagine.
5. You express sorrow in ways that break me - and because of it, my life is better.
6. Your talents astoud me, eliciting the best kind of envy: pride.
7. You love - and hate - with passion.
8. The sharing! You share /everything/ - emotions, files, stories, loves, music, rants, art, words until I’m overwhelmed with how much is being given, with no great things expected in return.
9. Your laughter is contageous.
10. I learn something from you all, every day.
11. (because mine goes to eleven) You are the reason I click-refresh :)web tracker
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*squee* Child Stars II - on A&E, just started and there's a clip of Elijah )


Mar. 16th, 2006 11:50 pm
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that make me happy

- closer to fine @ 80 db
- comment fic
- spring nights
- 68 67 pair of clean undies
- frogs
- warm kitties
- growing things from seeds
- 2 minutes 'til friday
- silent phones
- the hour(s) after midnight
- boys. kissing.

*tucks everyone in*

g'night :)
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northward, ho )
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You're watching "Stepford Wives" and they pull a framed photo of Orlando out of the gay neighbor's trashcan and you squee.

And rewind.


ETA: holy fuckin' bwahahahahaah! and then they pull a Viggo t-shirt out as well...*dies*

*loves on the freaks who made this movie*
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[ profile] fanfic_fanfic

"This community was created as a place to explore the writing of fanfic in other fanfic authors' universes. We are not a remix community (though remixes are allowed), but rather we encourage the creation of new fic in an existing fic universe, much like most of us already do when writing fanfic of the work of JK Rowling or JRR Tolkien. Please be sure to read the community rules before posting."*

* Taken from the welcome post for the community.
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[ profile] talesodeleerium">We, [ profile] talesinbloom and [ profile] deleerium, have come up with the demented fabulous idea of a co-authoring journal community 'cause i couldn't figure out how to make a regular journal work for both of us wherein we would put the lotr rps fics we have written together.

Most of the writing will be tig-fic (i.e. one of us has a random idea, drops it in the tig, and we both take off with it, posting randomly in multiple universes as our brains spew the orlijah boylurve).

This is it: [ profile] talesodeleerium

Expect lots of Orlijahporn.

Special EDIT: people in this community continue to stun me on a daily basis. check out the ART that folks have made tales and i for our new journal and fics. *omgstunned*

please feel free to monitor/friend the community *MWAH*

(EDIT: long rambling explanation as to why we humbly request you just monitor/friend the community, not attempt to join: it's a closed community because Tales and I (and our betas) wanted some of the features of a community that a regular journal account does not provide so we don't mean to confuse anyone or be crazy 'don't go near there' paranoid elitists ok? ok.)